**FREE DOWNLOAD** | The Line by Joshua Worden f. blctxt

peacery!!! Today is a beautiful day for music. The homie Joshua Worden recently dropped a new song with who else but a smart Black boy like myself. Check out 

(click the photo to download)

Here is a little background on Joshua:

"Joshua Worden is an downtempo indie soul singer/producer based in Atlanta, GA, whose music blends elements of soul and R&B with indie rock/pop. Worden released his debut EP, "The Withered Tree" in 2012. The live band consists of Joshua Worden (vocals, keys, guitar, synth, samples) and Will Montgomery (drums, vocals, samples)."

I met Josh in the Fall of last year and after we figured out that we're connoisseurs of fine beer and indie music, The Line is what we came up with. He's a super cool dude with an organic sound that I feel needs to be heard and shared. Plus he's got the moves to make the ladies swoon. Make sure you visit his website, JoshuaWorden.com to find out his upcoming shows and his bandcamp, http://JoshuaWorden.bandcamp.com/ to hear his music!

[work = Love]

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