Clan Destined | Scream + Screamixes EP

peace and good day folks. Today is a great day for Hip-Hop and my homies are flexing HARD. Off the top we have East Point's greatest hits, Clan Destined dropping their  

(click photo to download)

This EP is a celebration of their video Scream ft. Stacey Epps (peep the vid below) and this time, the Clan has dropped this EP for FREE.

Scream and the Screamixes feature remixes of Scream, All In It, C-L-A-N-D (Everything), Bad News and Far Beyond. Remix production is provided by both Yamin Semali and DT as well as Illastrate, Ralo and P.U.D.G.E. Oh, did I mention that this is FREE? Go ahead and show your love by downloading the EP and if you're not familiar, check out their classic Self-Titled album

[work = Love]

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