NAIRA x Young Scolla x D Julien | inkDreaming (Video)

NAIRA has blessed us with the video to "inkDreaming"!!! 

inkDreaming was produced by King I Divine and it features the homies Young Scolla and D Julien. The song comes from NAIRA's See Me, See Trouble mixtape which dropped earlier this year.
 (click the photo to download the tape)

Yo NAIRA, this hook gets stuck in my head. All of your views might come from me today for keeping it on loop! Enjoy y'all.


A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception (EP Release)

Today is October eleventh, two thousand and eleven and A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception is finally here. My only request is that you listen to the music I present.

I'm not gonna talk too much so check the short video I made below.

Obviously there are many other people that I missed in my random shot outs (I blame the Stella I was dranking) so here is my official thank you list:

This project is dedicated to the spirit of my mother Kimberly Robin Thornton; rest in paradise, I’ll see you on the other side girl. I would like to thank my beautiful sister Ianna, my main source of inspiration and motivation. A sincere thank you goes out to all the good folk that made this project possible: Dad, King I Divine, Kismet Maxwell, Illastrate and Working Class, Free Phareal, Venus, Ira Nelson, Andre Graham, Gran, Mojo, Kia, Nikki, Ray, Big A and the Embassy Music Board, Sokai Yoon, Daniel Redic, Chrioni Black, Siraaj Encore, J Haze, Dipp, Yamen Semali/AmDex, DT, Deanna Mingo, Nameless, Jay Franklin and Visionary Artistry Magazine, Carlos York, Naira, Allison McDaniel, Cookie, DJ Grazzhoppa, Jay Force, DJ Dug Boogie, DJ Ghost, DJ Black Daniels, A Dot, Arablak, Boog Brown, the state of Georgia, the city of Atlanta and the music of Marvin Gaye+John Coltrane. Not everyone who contributed has something to do with music but I thank them for playing a part of my life. From the bottom of my little heart, I thank you all 



#asmartblackboy Cover Art and Tracklisting

Today we are on the eve of dropping my new EP, A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception. Since I've gotten nothing but positive responses from folks about my artwork, I've decided to post all of the artwork for so you guys can check out yourself.

If you look closely at this photo, you can see the tracklist. Here it is in plain text just in case you can't see it due to the photo's value of awesomeness: 

03. Rabbit Hole ft. Free Phareal
04. Blue Collar Anthem ft. Free Phareal
06. Raining Sunshine ft. Venus
07. Infinity ft. Naira
08. Plight of A Smart Black Boy ft. Venus
                                      09. god Bless A Smart Black Boy ft. Dipp

Sokai Yoon is the genius behind all of this artwork and photography. His eye for crisp, clean images and his post production work is unparalleled. I truly thank Sokai for helping bring forth my vision and his hard work. So don't be shy, share this post w/your friends and let them know I've got a new project dropping tomorrow. 


King I Divine x LD Henriquez | East 54th EP (DOWNLOAD)

TODAY IS THE DAY FOLKS!!! King I Divine and LD Henriquez have dropped their new EP

 (click the link to download)

To celebrate the release of the EP, King has dropped one of his signature beat videos.




#asmartblackboy at A3C for WonderRoot | Performance

PEACE FOLKS!!! Some of you may know about the 3-day Hip-Hop festival known as A3C that happens every first week of October here in Atlanta. Well I am excited to announce that I will be performing during A3C this year.

The good folks over at Wonder Root have set up a stage of their own, full of Atlanta local talent for Saturday October 8th. The homies Small Eyez and   Naira will also perform on this stage with me.

                    Small Eyez                                                                  Naira

The date is Saturday October 8th at 8pm. This show is FREE w/your A3C badge (purchase tix here), but if you don't have one you can just pay the $5 cover. You can find more info on the show by clicking the flyer above. See you there!!!