A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception (EP Release)

Today is October eleventh, two thousand and eleven and A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception is finally here. My only request is that you listen to the music I present.

I'm not gonna talk too much so check the short video I made below.

Obviously there are many other people that I missed in my random shot outs (I blame the Stella I was dranking) so here is my official thank you list:

This project is dedicated to the spirit of my mother Kimberly Robin Thornton; rest in paradise, I’ll see you on the other side girl. I would like to thank my beautiful sister Ianna, my main source of inspiration and motivation. A sincere thank you goes out to all the good folk that made this project possible: Dad, King I Divine, Kismet Maxwell, Illastrate and Working Class, Free Phareal, Venus, Ira Nelson, Andre Graham, Gran, Mojo, Kia, Nikki, Ray, Big A and the Embassy Music Board, Sokai Yoon, Daniel Redic, Chrioni Black, Siraaj Encore, J Haze, Dipp, Yamen Semali/AmDex, DT, Deanna Mingo, Nameless, Jay Franklin and Visionary Artistry Magazine, Carlos York, Naira, Allison McDaniel, Cookie, DJ Grazzhoppa, Jay Force, DJ Dug Boogie, DJ Ghost, DJ Black Daniels, A Dot, Arablak, Boog Brown, the state of Georgia, the city of Atlanta and the music of Marvin Gaye+John Coltrane. Not everyone who contributed has something to do with music but I thank them for playing a part of my life. From the bottom of my little heart, I thank you all 


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