#asmartblackboy Cover Art and Tracklisting

Today we are on the eve of dropping my new EP, A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception. Since I've gotten nothing but positive responses from folks about my artwork, I've decided to post all of the artwork for so you guys can check out yourself.

If you look closely at this photo, you can see the tracklist. Here it is in plain text just in case you can't see it due to the photo's value of awesomeness: 

03. Rabbit Hole ft. Free Phareal
04. Blue Collar Anthem ft. Free Phareal
06. Raining Sunshine ft. Venus
07. Infinity ft. Naira
08. Plight of A Smart Black Boy ft. Venus
                                      09. god Bless A Smart Black Boy ft. Dipp

Sokai Yoon is the genius behind all of this artwork and photography. His eye for crisp, clean images and his post production work is unparalleled. I truly thank Sokai for helping bring forth my vision and his hard work. So don't be shy, share this post w/your friends and let them know I've got a new project dropping tomorrow. 

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    Thnx Sokai Yoon for ur masterp.e.a.c.e.z.
    They fit so well wit evry#1.