Spoken Words By Cee-Lo | Still Standing

In April 1998 I was 13 and I just got some extra money from my mom to buy the new Goodie Mob LP

I walked (well, I RAN) into Media Play and to my surprise I bought the very last copy that was on the display. From the look of the packaging down to the sound of the LP, I was in utter amazement. On the inside of the LP Khujo Goodie had what he liked to call a 'Slumtionary' which outlined certain slang used in Atlanta and throughout the LP. The cover had the Goodie Mob logo changed a bit with a man hung in the 'O'. A leafless tree covered the CD itself:

(I think I remember Cee-Lo in a Rap City interview getting a tattoo of this tree.)
In my eyes, this tree symbolized strength in any season: it is still standing no matter what happens. Fast forward to today, July 2011 on the Marta headed to work. The title track Still Standing is playing and I am reminded how much I enjoyed Cee-Lo Goodie's verse. 

Still Standing is another classic in the Goodie Mob catalog. It is also a corner stone in my music collection; I do not go one year without listening to it since I bought it. Back to Cee-Lo's verse: it is the best verse on the LP to me. Check it out below and while you're at it, go cop your version of Still Standing

Each and every element that exists in this universe is manifested from a thought first 
Through the inner mind's eye of the unseen power in the sky 
Gave birth to Mother Earth and all it's worth to you and I 
This most loved invention, my consciousness is an extension of Him, yet I'm flesh and bone with a mind of my own 
To dig deeper than the surface, whether I learn from your upcomings or your downfalls we all have individual purpose
It's amazing, how the streets do the majority of raising of children who end up dead before hearing what you said 
And it's sad, so all I can write about is what I had 
Interpretations of life good and bad with a pen and pad, It seems like abortion, when I just write a small portion 
It's either crumpled up or torn without lettin the thought be born 
Young minded, and blinded in those days; I didn't want to have a thought that I couldn't raise, nurture, and care for be there for, help prepare for, the times ahead
When someone doesn't agree with what is said, 
And if they did, don't get all arrogant cause that's my kid just be thankful that it's good and somebody overstood 
Now, the listener in here want the same flow but I gotta let it grow 
Clever enough to let it go, if I don't wanna rap no mo' 
And I'll make sure that no one ever forgets It's immortalized forever, on wax CD's and cassettes 
And when someone goes to the store and purchases it for ten the life cycle starts all over again 
And I was granted this music as my soul-mate, to procreate and give back what I was given, a life worth livin 
And I, am Still Standing, unscathed Pain is for suckers to feel MC's are running out of things to say, and radio stations running out of songs to play, shit! We Still Standing, unscathed, and pain is for suckers to feel, huh And MC's running out of things to say...


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