Naira | See Me See Trouble Mixtape

You guys may remember Naira from the Sade Colour of Love project (which I listen to on the daily) last year. A few months back Naira released her SUPER dope See Me, See Trouble remix and today she is finally dropping her entire See Me, See Trouble mixtape for FREE. Naira comes with it and as always each song is a display of her talents. The features range from D. Julien, Yani, Boog Brown and much, much more. Click the photo to get your download.

The Black Opera | WE On ONE Video Dramatization

Remember the homies The Black Opera? Well they hit me up earlier with what seems to be their first video dramatization: 

 WE on ONE

Pretty dope I must say. Pick up their Overture on iTunes and visit TheBlackOpera.com for more info.


The Black Opera (video)

as I mentioned earlier: 
'this that put me on to is dope. the anonymity marketing is crazy but it's working. keep it up'
 visit theblackopera.com  for more info



Last Donut of the Night (Unofficial Video)

the homie Jon Goode put me on to this video this morning. 
it's a tribute video shot by  Tuomas Vauhkonen for J Dillas Last Donut of the Night from the Donuts LP. 
pretty funny/dope concept. 


Cooking Up [prod. by Illastrate] *RADIO EDIT UPDATE*

peace. with out any further hoopla, I present to you my new single (click the photo for the FREE download) *due to requests we have updated this post w/the Cooking Up [RADIO EDIT]*:

Cooking Up will be the lead single from my upcoming EP, A Smart Black Boy.
all production on this single is from my mellow my man Illastrate (@Illastrate8).



Cooking Up [prod. by Illastrate] | Artwork

peace folks!!! sorry it's been sooo long since you've heard from me, I've just been at work for a while. you may have heard my song A Smart Black Boy off King I Divine's Crown Jewelz 3 a few months back. well that song was an small warm up for my EP of the same title. the EP is in the finishing stages and it will be released soon. for now I decided to bring to you the artwork for my lead single Cooking Up:
Cooking Up is produced by the homie Illastrate and we will be bringing you the single VERY soon.

I take pride in this artwork because I feel as though you really only get one shot to show people your vision. the genius behind this work is

Sokai did the photography and the graphic design. he not only produced some great work but he showed me how limitless his and MY creativity should be with visuals.

oh, you may have noticed that we've changed some things around here at the site.
I have to give thanks to my homies Kameelah Rasheed and Chris Maxwell for all of their hard work and dedication.

A Smart Black Boy EP coming soon!!!



A Smart Black Boy via Crown Jewelz 3