King I Divine x LD Henriquez in Amber Nights | East 54th EP (Video)

King I Divine has done it again!!! Today I present to y'all the video for

Some of you may notice that this video features a particular enchanting specimen. Her name is LD Henriquez and she is from London where this video was shot at.
Watch the video and be sure to purchase your copy of their EP,



I Love Rap Unplugged Show

Saturday, November 19th I'll be performing at Apache Cafe for 

I Love Rap is a seires of shows cultivated by local radio host

This particular show is celebrating Hip-Hop History Month and will feature certain performances with a live band. Local homies Mike Flo, Adrift Da Belle and Methuzula will be rocking the house. Come through, spread love and have a damn good time. 


blctxt: Status Update | (Video)

peace folks. I apologize for the slowed momentum recently. Honestly, my personal life has taken a toll on me to the point where I had to slow up on the music. I made a little video to explain some things to y'all. Check it out below:



Occupy Atlanta Benefit Concert at 7 Stages

peace folks!!! Today I would like to inform you of a performance I'm doing in support of Occupy Atlanta.
This show is a benefit concert going on Friday, November 4, 2011 at 7 Stages Theater (1105 Euclid Ave.) Doors open at 9pm with political art and cartoons in the lobby by local artist Tom Ferguson. Music and spoken word starts at 10pm and will go until late.
"Featured musical performers on the main stage include Amul 9, BLCTXT, Bryson Green, No¢ents, Nutbush, Sewicida, Shabaka 2012 and The Subliminator. Revolutionary spoken word performances by Icewurm Jones and Myster Stique. Street performances by Critter Quinn, John B. and the Well-Dressed Homeless, Waldo and others. The DJ and MC for the event is DJ Supercrunk. This is an all ages show and the suggested donation is $10. Proceeds will go to the Occupy Atlanta legal fund. Occupations around the globe challenge corporate rule and its disastrous effects on our societies, our political systems, our economies, and our world."



blctxt Interview w/Jay Force | (Video)

peace people!!! Today I would like to share with you an interview with local Atlanta DJ Jay Force

Click here for pt. 2 and pt. 3 of the interview

Jay Force hosts the weekly radio show Beats and Lyrics for 89.3 FM. The show is legendary, so much so that the night of my interview the Godfather of Hip-Hop himself decied to bless us with his presence. That's right folks Afrika Bambaataa came through after my interview the same night.

Awesomeness doesn't even begin to describe the night we had. King I Divine, Illastrate, J Haze, AJ, Senor Kaos and some other Atlanta family were in attendance too. 

Check out the interview and stay tuned because I've got more video on the way. 


NAIRA x Young Scolla x D Julien | inkDreaming (Video)

NAIRA has blessed us with the video to "inkDreaming"!!! 

inkDreaming was produced by King I Divine and it features the homies Young Scolla and D Julien. The song comes from NAIRA's See Me, See Trouble mixtape which dropped earlier this year.
 (click the photo to download the tape)

Yo NAIRA, this hook gets stuck in my head. All of your views might come from me today for keeping it on loop! Enjoy y'all.


A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception (EP Release)

Today is October eleventh, two thousand and eleven and A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception is finally here. My only request is that you listen to the music I present.

I'm not gonna talk too much so check the short video I made below.

Obviously there are many other people that I missed in my random shot outs (I blame the Stella I was dranking) so here is my official thank you list:

This project is dedicated to the spirit of my mother Kimberly Robin Thornton; rest in paradise, I’ll see you on the other side girl. I would like to thank my beautiful sister Ianna, my main source of inspiration and motivation. A sincere thank you goes out to all the good folk that made this project possible: Dad, King I Divine, Kismet Maxwell, Illastrate and Working Class, Free Phareal, Venus, Ira Nelson, Andre Graham, Gran, Mojo, Kia, Nikki, Ray, Big A and the Embassy Music Board, Sokai Yoon, Daniel Redic, Chrioni Black, Siraaj Encore, J Haze, Dipp, Yamen Semali/AmDex, DT, Deanna Mingo, Nameless, Jay Franklin and Visionary Artistry Magazine, Carlos York, Naira, Allison McDaniel, Cookie, DJ Grazzhoppa, Jay Force, DJ Dug Boogie, DJ Ghost, DJ Black Daniels, A Dot, Arablak, Boog Brown, the state of Georgia, the city of Atlanta and the music of Marvin Gaye+John Coltrane. Not everyone who contributed has something to do with music but I thank them for playing a part of my life. From the bottom of my little heart, I thank you all 



#asmartblackboy Cover Art and Tracklisting

Today we are on the eve of dropping my new EP, A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception. Since I've gotten nothing but positive responses from folks about my artwork, I've decided to post all of the artwork for so you guys can check out yourself.

If you look closely at this photo, you can see the tracklist. Here it is in plain text just in case you can't see it due to the photo's value of awesomeness: 

03. Rabbit Hole ft. Free Phareal
04. Blue Collar Anthem ft. Free Phareal
06. Raining Sunshine ft. Venus
07. Infinity ft. Naira
08. Plight of A Smart Black Boy ft. Venus
                                      09. god Bless A Smart Black Boy ft. Dipp

Sokai Yoon is the genius behind all of this artwork and photography. His eye for crisp, clean images and his post production work is unparalleled. I truly thank Sokai for helping bring forth my vision and his hard work. So don't be shy, share this post w/your friends and let them know I've got a new project dropping tomorrow. 


King I Divine x LD Henriquez | East 54th EP (DOWNLOAD)

TODAY IS THE DAY FOLKS!!! King I Divine and LD Henriquez have dropped their new EP

 (click the link to download)

To celebrate the release of the EP, King has dropped one of his signature beat videos.




#asmartblackboy at A3C for WonderRoot | Performance

PEACE FOLKS!!! Some of you may know about the 3-day Hip-Hop festival known as A3C that happens every first week of October here in Atlanta. Well I am excited to announce that I will be performing during A3C this year.

The good folks over at Wonder Root have set up a stage of their own, full of Atlanta local talent for Saturday October 8th. The homies Small Eyez and   Naira will also perform on this stage with me.

                    Small Eyez                                                                  Naira

The date is Saturday October 8th at 8pm. This show is FREE w/your A3C badge (purchase tix here), but if you don't have one you can just pay the $5 cover. You can find more info on the show by clicking the flyer above. See you there!!! 


King I Divine's East 54th | Video EPK

Y'all know my bruv King I Divine? Earlier this year King dropped Crown Jewelz 3 (from which I dropped A Smart Black Boy on) and decided that chunk of dopeness wasn't enough. King is now dropping a new instrumental project entitled, 

East 54th

The extremely dope poet LD Henriquez
 is also featured on this project. Check out some of her work below.

Peep the video EPK for East 54th and be on the look out for the project. As King says, "It's dropping REAL soon." 



A Smart Black Boy | The Sonic Inception *UPDATE*

peace folks!!! I apologize for the delay but today I would like to officially announce my release date for my upcoming EP, 

The EP will drop on Tuesday, October the 11th. This date is quite an important one to me, my mother's birthday to be exact. I'm positive she would be proud of me since I worked diligently making sure that the project jams from top to bottom.
So set your alarms, plug the date into your Google Calendars, tell your friends and get ready because it's going to be an AWESOME October!!! 
Oh, and don't forget to download and check out the singles
(click the photo to download the song)


 (click the photo to download the song)



History Repeats Itself | Robots of Brixton (Video)

"History repeats itself; first as tragedy, then as farce..." 
Strolling through Vimeo subscriptions today I found this well done animated film entitled Robots of Brixton. I don't want to say too much about it but what I will tell you is that it came out 2 months ago, before the rioting in the UK earlier this August.
 Here is the description from the director/creator  Kibwe Tavares
Brixton has degenerated into a disregarded area inhabited by London's new robot workforce - robots built and designed to carry out all of the tasks which humans are no longer inclined to do. The mechanical population of Brixton has rocketed, resulting in unplanned, cheap and quick additions to the skyline.

The film follows the trials and tribulations of young robots surviving at the sharp end of inner city life, living the predictable existence of a populous hemmed in by poverty, disillusionment and mass unemployment. When the Police invade the one space which the robots can call their own, the fierce and strained relationship between the two sides explodes into an outbreak of violence echoing that of 1981.
For more info and videos from Kibwe, visit his studio site Factory Fifteen



Clan Destined | War Games (Video)

IT'S HERE!!! Clan Destined has hit us with the video for one of my favorite songs off their 'Self Titled' LP.
[directed & edited by Rick Foy for Dvid Films]

If you don't know about Clan Destined then I suggest you get ya life together and click the above photo to listen to their latest LP.

The Black Opera | God’s Camera (Video)

"The Black Opera represents revolutionary thought and action..."

Y'all know what it is. Visit http://TheBlackOpera.com for more info.


I Don't Know | About 'Otis'

Maybe I'm crazy (9 out of 10 doctors would agree) but for some reason today Slum Villages' 'I Don't Know' popped into my head. 

As soon as I began to sing along and recite the James Brown adlibs chopped into the beat I said, "HELL NAW!!!" For some that don't understand, I'm comparing Jay-Z and Kanye Wests' 'Otis' and Slum Villages' 'I Don't Know'. 'Otis' contains vocal samples of 'Try A Little Tenderness' by Otis Redding;

(click the image to play the song at lifeandtimes.com)

'I Don't Know' contains vocal samples of 'Make It Funky prts. 1&2', 'Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine' and damn near EVERY adlib/callout by James Brown to his band. Now I actually enjoy 'Otis', but the point I'm making is this: if Dilla hadn't given us the classic that is 'I Don't Know' there wouldn't be a beat for Kanye to try to one up in 2011. As I said, call me crazy, but that's just my perspective.



Traneing in on the Traneumentary

Saturday morning I awoke in search of some ideas for my new project. Within my search I stumbled upon something with John Coletrane's name titled, 'Traneumentary.' New to my eyes and ears, I just decided to click and go further down the rabbit hole. What I found was HEAVY. Mister Joseph Vella is the creator/producer of the project which started back in January 2007. I'll let him explain what Traneumentary is:

"The Traneumentary is an audio podcast series celebrating the artistry and recordings of John Coltrane. The series includes episodes with Jimmy Cobb, McCoy Tyner, Sonny Rollins, Steve Kuhn, Dave Liebman, Terence Blanchard, Joe Lovano, Geri Allen, Jason Moran, Dr Billy Taylor, Anton Fig, Karrin Allyson, Michael Cuscuna, Lewis Porter, Ashley Kahn, Dave Schroeder, Lenny Pickett and many others."

 (click the photo to visit the site)

Now if y'all know me you know I'm a Trane STAN and an even bigger documentary FREAK. Needless to say, the combonation made my eyes bleed. Check it out when you have the time. Just open iTunes (click here for the podcast), subscribe to the podcast and enjoy.


#TheBlackOpera "Timeline" (Cinematic Tribute) | Video

The Black Opera is back at it again with another dope video. This time it's what they call a Cinematic Tribute to one of my favorite films. More than a tribute to the film though, it's also a testament, an affirmation if you will. Click the 'play' button and enjoy.

For more info, visit



Goodbye ft. Dipp [prod. by J Haze]

peace people. Today I would like to share my newest single from the A Smart Black Boy EP

(click the photo to download)

Goodbye is produced by fellow Atlanta native, J Haze
In my quest for different sounds on this EP, I contacted J Haze and as SOON as I heard the beat I immediately knew that this was something I wanted to rhyme over. The music is different for me but I enjoy that challenge and I also would like to show other sides of my work to you as well.  So take a listen and enjoy some new tunes from me. Oh and as always, leave your thoughts in the comment section and share it with your friends if you dig it.



Sade | Love Is Found (Video)

 She said, "my eyes already like you..."



Spoken Words By Cee-Lo | Still Standing

In April 1998 I was 13 and I just got some extra money from my mom to buy the new Goodie Mob LP

I walked (well, I RAN) into Media Play and to my surprise I bought the very last copy that was on the display. From the look of the packaging down to the sound of the LP, I was in utter amazement. On the inside of the LP Khujo Goodie had what he liked to call a 'Slumtionary' which outlined certain slang used in Atlanta and throughout the LP. The cover had the Goodie Mob logo changed a bit with a man hung in the 'O'. A leafless tree covered the CD itself:

(I think I remember Cee-Lo in a Rap City interview getting a tattoo of this tree.)
In my eyes, this tree symbolized strength in any season: it is still standing no matter what happens. Fast forward to today, July 2011 on the Marta headed to work. The title track Still Standing is playing and I am reminded how much I enjoyed Cee-Lo Goodie's verse. 

Still Standing is another classic in the Goodie Mob catalog. It is also a corner stone in my music collection; I do not go one year without listening to it since I bought it. Back to Cee-Lo's verse: it is the best verse on the LP to me. Check it out below and while you're at it, go cop your version of Still Standing

Each and every element that exists in this universe is manifested from a thought first 
Through the inner mind's eye of the unseen power in the sky 
Gave birth to Mother Earth and all it's worth to you and I 
This most loved invention, my consciousness is an extension of Him, yet I'm flesh and bone with a mind of my own 
To dig deeper than the surface, whether I learn from your upcomings or your downfalls we all have individual purpose
It's amazing, how the streets do the majority of raising of children who end up dead before hearing what you said 
And it's sad, so all I can write about is what I had 
Interpretations of life good and bad with a pen and pad, It seems like abortion, when I just write a small portion 
It's either crumpled up or torn without lettin the thought be born 
Young minded, and blinded in those days; I didn't want to have a thought that I couldn't raise, nurture, and care for be there for, help prepare for, the times ahead
When someone doesn't agree with what is said, 
And if they did, don't get all arrogant cause that's my kid just be thankful that it's good and somebody overstood 
Now, the listener in here want the same flow but I gotta let it grow 
Clever enough to let it go, if I don't wanna rap no mo' 
And I'll make sure that no one ever forgets It's immortalized forever, on wax CD's and cassettes 
And when someone goes to the store and purchases it for ten the life cycle starts all over again 
And I was granted this music as my soul-mate, to procreate and give back what I was given, a life worth livin 
And I, am Still Standing, unscathed Pain is for suckers to feel MC's are running out of things to say, and radio stations running out of songs to play, shit! We Still Standing, unscathed, and pain is for suckers to feel, huh And MC's running out of things to say...



Naira | Visible Spectrum (Video)

Naira keeps dropping gems. 
today is no different as she hits us with the video to her song 

Visible Spectrum

Visible Spectrum is a song from Naira's Colour of Love project that she did last year with J. Haze. 

(click the photo to download)



Small Eyez | Shurikens (prod. Sal Dali)

the homie Small Eyez just released his a joint from his NWORDS project. 
I've only had it on repeat for an hrand I think you should do the same. 

(click the photo to download)

oh, for more info on all things Small Eyez hit up http://www.smalleyez.com/


Naira | See Me See Trouble Mixtape

You guys may remember Naira from the Sade Colour of Love project (which I listen to on the daily) last year. A few months back Naira released her SUPER dope See Me, See Trouble remix and today she is finally dropping her entire See Me, See Trouble mixtape for FREE. Naira comes with it and as always each song is a display of her talents. The features range from D. Julien, Yani, Boog Brown and much, much more. Click the photo to get your download.

The Black Opera | WE On ONE Video Dramatization

Remember the homies The Black Opera? Well they hit me up earlier with what seems to be their first video dramatization: 

 WE on ONE

Pretty dope I must say. Pick up their Overture on iTunes and visit TheBlackOpera.com for more info.


The Black Opera (video)

as I mentioned earlier: 
'this that put me on to is dope. the anonymity marketing is crazy but it's working. keep it up'
 visit theblackopera.com  for more info



Last Donut of the Night (Unofficial Video)

the homie Jon Goode put me on to this video this morning. 
it's a tribute video shot by  Tuomas Vauhkonen for J Dillas Last Donut of the Night from the Donuts LP. 
pretty funny/dope concept. 


Cooking Up [prod. by Illastrate] *RADIO EDIT UPDATE*

peace. with out any further hoopla, I present to you my new single (click the photo for the FREE download) *due to requests we have updated this post w/the Cooking Up [RADIO EDIT]*:

Cooking Up will be the lead single from my upcoming EP, A Smart Black Boy.
all production on this single is from my mellow my man Illastrate (@Illastrate8).



Cooking Up [prod. by Illastrate] | Artwork

peace folks!!! sorry it's been sooo long since you've heard from me, I've just been at work for a while. you may have heard my song A Smart Black Boy off King I Divine's Crown Jewelz 3 a few months back. well that song was an small warm up for my EP of the same title. the EP is in the finishing stages and it will be released soon. for now I decided to bring to you the artwork for my lead single Cooking Up:
Cooking Up is produced by the homie Illastrate and we will be bringing you the single VERY soon.

I take pride in this artwork because I feel as though you really only get one shot to show people your vision. the genius behind this work is

Sokai did the photography and the graphic design. he not only produced some great work but he showed me how limitless his and MY creativity should be with visuals.

oh, you may have noticed that we've changed some things around here at the site.
I have to give thanks to my homies Kameelah Rasheed and Chris Maxwell for all of their hard work and dedication.

A Smart Black Boy EP coming soon!!!



A Smart Black Boy via Crown Jewelz 3