Bullets & Books | Gotta Be Karim

It's been a long time coming for the homie Gotta Be Karim and the time is finally here:

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This is a project that's been in production for quite some time; a labor of love have you.
Gotta Be balances out the street knowledge of a hustler with the intellect of a scholar and the wit and wisdom of a grown ass man [as all MC's should any-damn-way]. 
Production is handled by Tech Supreme, Black Spade, Vandalyzm, Trifecta and Nodzilla along with guest spots from STL family bka The Force all over the project. 

 But that's enough talking: get'cha life together and download this piece of art.



Naira + J. Haze + Sade = The Colour of Love

Have you ever actually been in love?
Do you remember the feeling of when you first met that person and how you felt after you knew the relationship was over?
Songstress/MC Naira and producer J. Haze have put those feelings and that experience in these few songs set to the sound-scape of Sade.
The project is entitled 
                                            "The Colour of Love"

Click the photo to download and experience dopeness.



Get Some Money and Go to Jail-Ahmad + Crooked I

Y'all remember Ahmad? Like "Back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore..." ?

Check his new song with Crooked I called "Get Some Money and Go To Jail"  from his new album called "The Death Of Me"
Follow Ahmad via Twitter: @AHMADWECLAP