The Roots: Dear God (2.0)

This is a dooooope new song from The (Legendary) Roots (Crew) entitled "Dear God (2.0)" from their forthcoming album "How I Got Over"

From what the original post via Okayplayer.com says, The Roots remixed "Dear God" from Jim James and The Monsters Of Folk.
Did some research on Monsters Of Folk and I only know of Bright Eyes but their stuff is pretty cool.
Some of you may remember The Roots remixing/recovering/extending to Cody Chestnutt's "The Seed" for their album "Phrenology" as "The Seed (2.0)"; this was actually one of their most successful songs next to "You Got Me" with Erykah Badu.
Usually I don't post songs you can get everywhere but when you download this from Def Jam it's just a pain in the arse.
So click the photo above for a direct download of the song.