Top 10 Artists Of 2009 by Kevin Nottingham

Good news from the internets folks, seems like your boy's hard work is paying off this year.
The good folk over at KevinNottingham.com have placed me in their "Top 10 New/Breakthrough Artists Of 2009" list.
My homeboy from NY, D. Julien made the list as well.
Shots out to my man Justin for the showing love and spreading the word on "Acknowledgment" as well.
All in all it, through the ups and downs, 2009 has been a good year for me personally and professionally.
I would like to thank each and every person who helped me along my road this year as well.
I've still got maad work to do for 2010 and beyond.
So until we meet again folks, have a happy and safe new year.




What up y'all?
I'm back at it again with some newnew doodoo.
This is a jawn I'd like to call "Don't Lose Me" with my main man on the MPC
King I Divine
He's got a newnew beat tape out called "Crown Jewelz Pt. 2" that is straight FIE!

Check it out, click the photo to download it and give us your feedback.