That's right folks: we-the United States-are attacking the moon with a missile in a few hours.
The good ol' boys down at NASA don't wanna leave things on the moon be.
Makes me feel like they've been kicking it too hard with the folks over at FEMA.

When news reported of the discovery of ice on the dark side of the moon surfaced I kinda had a feeling something stoopid was gonna go down.

And here you have it: some of the smartest minds in the world, rocket scientists, astronauts, marine biologists, chemists, mathematicians, scientific engineers etc. find some ice on another planet and their answer, their light-bulb, is to send a damn missile to the moon to find water.

Their quest for water is backed by proof of other life forms existing, which is cool with me.
But when was the last time you decided to step on an anthill just to see how many ants there were in it?
Exactly, you didn't.
So tell me why we didn't get to vote on this as a planet?
It's my moon just as it is yours.
Why exactly did we not hear about "Operation: Duck Hunt With The Moon" in the media as much as we heard from Kanye bitching about Beyonce's snub?
I mean I don't know about you guys but, the moon is pretty important to me.
Couldn't something SERIOUSLY go wrong?
*cough/cuing YouTube footage...*

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  1. Hey,
    There is nothing wrong to bomb the moon. Don't you appreciate to live with this high tech world? Unless, you wanna team up with Bin Laden to live in the caves...............

    Hung Low