Dilla Day In The A

What up good peoples?
Earlier today it went down in Atlanta with a tribute to none other than James "J Dilla" Yancey.

The day started out with a Lupus walk, [which was VERY successful], a barbeque along with Dilla's Dream Camp and a slew of dope tribute performances by some ATLiens at the Bench.
Some of the Yancey family was also in attendance as well and I finally got to meet the angel

"Ma Dukes"

Check my Facebook profile for some shots I took at the event but here is some video of my performance:



Woman Disabled by THIS YEARS FLU SHOT (10 days AFTER vaccination )

This is the saddest case I've seen in my research on these faux vaccines. Please pay attention to this and do your own research folks. Don't trust things at face value, this system does NOT have your interest at heart.




That's right folks: we-the United States-are attacking the moon with a missile in a few hours.
The good ol' boys down at NASA don't wanna leave things on the moon be.
Makes me feel like they've been kicking it too hard with the folks over at FEMA.

When news reported of the discovery of ice on the dark side of the moon surfaced I kinda had a feeling something stoopid was gonna go down.

And here you have it: some of the smartest minds in the world, rocket scientists, astronauts, marine biologists, chemists, mathematicians, scientific engineers etc. find some ice on another planet and their answer, their light-bulb, is to send a damn missile to the moon to find water.

Their quest for water is backed by proof of other life forms existing, which is cool with me.
But when was the last time you decided to step on an anthill just to see how many ants there were in it?
Exactly, you didn't.
So tell me why we didn't get to vote on this as a planet?
It's my moon just as it is yours.
Why exactly did we not hear about "Operation: Duck Hunt With The Moon" in the media as much as we heard from Kanye bitching about Beyonce's snub?
I mean I don't know about you guys but, the moon is pretty important to me.
Couldn't something SERIOUSLY go wrong?
*cough/cuing YouTube footage...*


David Banner + 9th Wonder = Something Is Wrong/RIP Derrion Albert

Since the news broke of the young brother Derrion Albert from Chicago last week, people haven't really been discussing the event.

I myself don't watch any news outlets or any television for that matter.
But when I heard the news through Nas' open letter to the young black men of Chicago, I honestly didn't know what to think.
I then find out that there is video footage of the killing [which I will NOT post here. This is not U-fucking-FC. Watching that is some sick shit.] and that made my skin crawl 1000 ways to the sun.
You have to realize what's sick about it is that someone decided to sit back and watch through a camera lens while another human being was being attacked; AND they had the nerve to post it and make it viral. I just did a search on YouTube and I'm somewhat relieved that the footage is taken down; but not over at the Fox website though, oh no. News Corp is too wealthy to care about Derrion's mother's feelings nor do they have respect for him by not posting the footage.
Another reality of the situation is that Darrion's death is only one story that made it out the many deaths that go on in the Southside Chicago [or anywhere for that matter] on a horribly regular basis.
The truth of the matter is that our youth are pawns in a game: no knowledge of self, no culture, no guidance-no love.
I know, I know, there are MANY fucked up things that are going on now where no one has a camera to send it to YouTube; but this is where my emotions got captured today:
A young, innocent black boy's life was taken like an animal by his peers.

*stepping off the soapbox*

Here's a jewel I found:

David Banner + 9th Wonder = Something Is Wrong