Fall Forward Mixtape by Cookinwitgrease.com

The homie Chas over at Cookinwitgrease.com put together this dope ass tape for the start of fall.
Check out me in the mix of some other talented indie artists:

Dream On by DALEcanFLO

A long time ago, I made a mixtape called The Inspiration on a site called Muxtape. Well, Muxtape was forced to change into something completely different, and I never really uploaded a copy of those songs to the site for download. The mix at the time featured my favorite uplifting/inspirational rap songs.

And well it was really good…good enough that I wanted to share those songs with you again, plus a few extras. They’re all some thought provoking, I can listen to this while I do something that requires thought type songs. Pretty soulful, smooth/mellow, and all rather good if I do say so myself.

I also kinda wanted to do something for the official launch of the .com adaptation of Cookin Wit Grease, and as it seems I’m somewhat stable now, I figured I take it back to the chick with the Lexus what it was about from the beginning. Spreading good music and a few laughs to those who visit my site. So download, enjoy, and tell a friend.

Oh yeah and it’s FALL! I’m just tryna set the mood for my favorite season…let’s get get get it.

Download – CWG Presents: FallFoward

Tracklisting after the jump.


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  1. lol @ chick fil a bein the a label. preciate this bein posted here tho.