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Bring the MP + the SP Meet Me At The Center Of The Earth, Travel Carefully...

Baby grab the baby, cuz baby, it ain't much time/Momma Earth is tossing and turning and that's a sign...

Nothing But That GOODIE!!!

Do y'all even remember this?
Look deeper at the range of people being interviewed/reported about on the cover.
Al Sharpton?
Marvin Gaye?
Hold on, is this the same XXL hip hop magazine that we know now?
Since there's been talk of a Goodie Mob reunion show out in the A

[more info on that later] I've been bumping this tape of B-Sides and unreleased Goodie Mo all week.

Angelic Wars

It came from the good folk at Cocaine Blunts.
My blog post has no purpose but nostalgia folks.
I really miss the Goodie Mo.B.
I remember how I used to sit by the radio when 97.5 first jumped off [who know bout Chris Lova Lova and Poohn Daddy?] just WAITING to hear Cell Therapy cuz I didn't have the Soul Food alblum.
And the day that Still Standing dropped I bout the absolute LAST copy at Media Play.
This recent nostalgia proves to me that the new generation of kids don't go to the stores to buy albums; it's not an event for them anymore like it was for us.
I know, I know, txt is getting a lil' teary eyed over some old shit but man, the Dungeon Family is part of my genetic make up, not just what built me as an MC.
Anyway, download the tape and enjoy some classic Goodie.
More news on that reuinion gig soon come...

Use that tool between your two shoulders (c) Khujo Goodie


King-I-Divine Presents Flipped: Jodeci Edition

The Kaing has done it again y'all.
This time King-I-Divine brings us an entire beat tape of Jodeci songs in his "Flipped" edition.
No, this isn't the same one two drums with a familar loop so you can say "Oh yeah, I know that song, " these samples are flipped to bring a new sound from an old one.
Below is the video for a song on the tape called "The Addiction"
You can download this tape for $FREE.99 at www.kingidivine.com



Blue Collar Academy Presents: Foreign Exchange Students

This Friday at Lenny's bar it's going down. Blue Collar Academy has put together our most eclectic group of artists for a show we like to call

Here is a list of the wonderful talent ahead:

Young Ivy

Alls I have to say is "Brang ya ASS!!!"
The cover is only $7 and you KNOW how cheap the drinks are at Lennys.
See you there!!!


Still Bill [Bill Withers Documentary]

Still Bill is a documentary about the legendary singer/songwriter Bill Withers.
I found out about this film through reading one of Phonte's [Little Brother, Foreign Exchange] blogs.

Phonte pointed out this fantastic quote from Mr. Withers in the film:
"It's okay to head out for 'wonderful,' but on your way to 'wonderful' you're gonna have to pass through 'alright.' And when you get to 'alright' take a good look around and get used to it cause that may be as far as you're gonna go."

Check out the trailer for Still Bill here or at www.stillbillthemovie.com

[Work Is Love]

blctxt LIVE for the Digital Upload Party 7.11.09

Catch me and score of Atlanta's BEST talent at the Metro lofts of Lee street, this Saturday for the Digital Upload Party for only $5!!!

This is a unique event where if you enjoy the artists that you're hearing you can download the artist's info and music as long as you bring your jump drives.

Performing artists include:

Young Lyxx
Yung Bishop
Righelle I
Brown aka Cornbread
and the whole damn BOOMBOX MUZIC crew

brang ya ass-blctxt

[Work Is Love]


Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

I've been waiting on this movie since I was in the 2nd grade.

[Work Is Love]