Ecstatic About The Ecstatic...

Straight up-Mos Def's The Ecstatic is the BEST LP from any MC this year.
Don't believe me?
For the past year fans, supporters, listeners, the Internets-EVERYONE has been buzzing about this album.
Mos has had sporadic performances around the globe and any chance someone gets they've posted video of the newest songs.
This being his fourth album with a new label [Downtown Records/Atlantic] his sound is that of a soldier's homecoming, narrating stories of his whereabouts and travels, the future of the world, love and life.
The sonic backdrop is mainly provided by Madlib from the left coast; I actually remember when Kweli blogged about Mos working with Madlib over a year ago.

Other producers include Georgia Anne Muldrow, Oh No, Chad Hugo, Mr. Flash, Preservation, Mos Def himself and none other than the late great J Dilla.

The aforementioned Dilla production [entitled "History"] is a well recognized Dilla donut but Mos decided to tease us by adding Talib Kweli; this song, plus recent performances, are glimmers of light letting us know that a Black Star reunion album is sure to come, and come back with a force behind it.

Standout songs are: Priority, Pistola, Casa Bey, Audotorium [feat. Slick Rick!], History and Life In Marvelous Times.
Seeing Mos on Jimmy Fallon last night with The Roots made me more "Ecstatic" [cheesey, I know] about his album.

Now if we can just get him and Kweli to come on down to Atlanta for a show....

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