Yahzarah sings "Billie Jean" Live

I think I'm in love again.
Don't get it twist, I've known about Yahzarah since "Baduizim Live!" but DAMN.
Mike just doesn't know how his passing opened up so much energy in this world that is shifting people's attitudes toward something positive.
Stay tuned world, greatness is coming in marvelous times.

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Phillipine Inmates Tribute Michael Jackson w/Thriller

I originally got this from Year Of The Black Smith.
This is amazing.
Y'all can't tell me Michael Jackson isn't the most important person in our history.

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The Boy Are Back In Town...[NEW ROOTS JAWN!!!]

The Roots perform a new song from their latest album, "How I Got Over"



blctxt Show Review: Tweets+Beats 2

Shots out to my brother Free Phareal who helped assassinate the stage with me.
Shots out to Big Chad Famous, Dinock, 3rd Creek, Life The Great, Antonio Starr, 21, Khaos Da Rapper, Joe Billz, The Canz, Lenny's Bar, Jamie The Security Guard, Monica Rice, Chris Donovan, Tatiania Noel, King-I-Divine, The Embassy and The Ghost of Jerry Garcia-all of whom contributed to the gig last night in physical or in spiritual form.
Let's do it again folks

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Whip It Like A Slave

Yup, that's the title to the new Dem Franchize Boyz song with Lil'Wayne.
From what little information I gather about the song it was dropped a few weeks ago.
Now the reason I am posting this is because I need some discourse here people, Dem Franchize Boyz don't need me to help them with promotion.
As soon as I saw this title, I immediately felt like this song needed to be discussed.
Check my disposition: I am from the south. I was raised on southern Hip-Hop. I understand how we get down is kinda weird to some, but nevertheless, it's us.
I have friends that tell me they blame the south for the way commercial music is being made now, how they can't stand the way southern music scene is "dumbing down" the music industry now [in my opinion, the industry has been as dumb as nails since existence] and they we're all a bunch of monkeys with microphones-this, I don't agree with.
I can tell you what I do agree with: I agree with the fact that dance music has been around for ages and will continue to be popular just as long as humans want to shake their asses.
I agree with young folks who were at one point disadvantaged, getting their paper and being about business when given the opportunity to shine.
I agree with the making of good music with heart.
I don't agree with ignorance and real talk, I don't agree with this song.
Even though it's about cook-up, it just doesn't sit well with me.
Don't get it twist, I'm not looking for passages of Hemmingway and Edgar Allen Poe quotes from Dem Franchize Boyz, I've been bumping The Ecstatic by Mos Def for 2 weeks straight now.
I never even had a problem with Franchize at all, but I feel like this doesn't help us as a culture, as grown black folk nor as serious artists.
I respect Frachize Boyz, I have yet to have a hit like they have.
I don't know what it took for them to get to where they are so I don't undermine their grind.
But this is not progression folks, we REALLY don't need this right now.
Let me know what you think, I KNOW you got something to say.

"If I don't like it, I don't like it, that don't mean that I hate it."


blctxt LIVE@Tweets+Beats 6.18.09

"And another one..."
This goes out to those who haven't seen me perform yet.

This Thursday at Lenny's Bar [486 Decatur Street] round 9PM for $5 I;ll be getting my Twitter on as well as rocking the mic.

VEDDY IMPORTANT: Let the lady at the door know that you're there to see blctxt.
Come through and spread love.

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Ecstatic About The Ecstatic...

Straight up-Mos Def's The Ecstatic is the BEST LP from any MC this year.
Don't believe me?
For the past year fans, supporters, listeners, the Internets-EVERYONE has been buzzing about this album.
Mos has had sporadic performances around the globe and any chance someone gets they've posted video of the newest songs.
This being his fourth album with a new label [Downtown Records/Atlantic] his sound is that of a soldier's homecoming, narrating stories of his whereabouts and travels, the future of the world, love and life.
The sonic backdrop is mainly provided by Madlib from the left coast; I actually remember when Kweli blogged about Mos working with Madlib over a year ago.

Other producers include Georgia Anne Muldrow, Oh No, Chad Hugo, Mr. Flash, Preservation, Mos Def himself and none other than the late great J Dilla.

The aforementioned Dilla production [entitled "History"] is a well recognized Dilla donut but Mos decided to tease us by adding Talib Kweli; this song, plus recent performances, are glimmers of light letting us know that a Black Star reunion album is sure to come, and come back with a force behind it.

Standout songs are: Priority, Pistola, Casa Bey, Audotorium [feat. Slick Rick!], History and Life In Marvelous Times.
Seeing Mos on Jimmy Fallon last night with The Roots made me more "Ecstatic" [cheesey, I know] about his album.

Now if we can just get him and Kweli to come on down to Atlanta for a show....


Is It Too Late To Apologize?

Have you guys ever listened to the lyrics to Apologize by One Republic?
My cousin pointed it out to me that the lyrics sound like someone committing suicide and when I listen back to the song...they actually do.
Check out the lyrics and this video and let me know what you guys think...


The Beatles Are Now A Rock Band...

Wow. That's all I have to say.

This makes me want to start my band again...