Hometown Heroes: Def Poets In The 4th Grade

I was at work yesterday when I saw this news coverage about these 4th graders in Rochester, NY who wrote their first poem.
Usually I don't watch the news but something about this moved me.
It is amazing to see what emotions and experiences are expressed when you give a child the "OK" to communicate through an art form.
I've done many a summer camp, classroom study and social project with kids and writing/art and the conclusion is that you always get that one or that group that blows you away.
If the American educational system was structured a little better [you know, more individuality, less pressure on the kids to become homogeneous] then we would have no fear about our future leaders of tomorrow.
I hate to get all preachy but this was worth sharing to you guys.

Check out my man Jameic in his I Am poem:

Now check out what his brother Tavion has to say:

These kids witnessed an incident that has had a life long impression on them.
Now if they weren't told that they could express themselves, they may not have ever done it.
It sucks but these guys aren't the only ones going through situations like this.
I just feel as though it's important for us to pay attention to the children and help them find their talents early on.

To check out more work from these gifted individuals you can visit www.rochesterchildrenwrite.com

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