Spoken Words by Bun B

Wood Wheel by UGK

Bun B:
Pro smoke, pro choke,
Anti-broke, conservative liberal
Left-wing slangin', right-wing hangin'
In criminal court, it's civil.
In the middle of re-al-it-y
Unsolved mys-ter-ies riddle,
Knockin' over fat cats,
And gettin' my thoughts off bits and kibbles.
On note pads I scribble,
Write rippers that'll make you think.
Snap so hard it'll break your synchronicity,
Fuck it, take it, trick,
I fake it...blink 'n poof
We disappearin' into a shroud of dozier
Cloud composures, all-nighters like Folger's
But, bitch, I tried to told ya...

'Conservative Liberal'?!?!!
'Knockin over fat cats and gettin my thoughts off bits and kibbles'?!?!!!?
From one MC to another, Bun KILLED this track.
What possessed him to kick some socio-political rhyme over a song about the wood wheel?
It's like the perfect high to hear him spit that 1st verse.
Nuff said, ?uestlove needs to honor UGK this year at the Hip-Hop Honorees on VH1.
[I know Pimp C, "This ain't no...HIPHOP RECORDS!!! These country rap songs."]
-blctxt, getting back to his Texas roots

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