The N.W.O Is Coming

The N.W.O. is here.
Our government feeds off of our fear.
If this act gets passed [which it prolly is already in effect. You'll know if my blog gets shut down soon.] then we are screwed with no Vaseline.
Peep the vid.
You be the judge.

-blctxt, needs go read 1984


  1. Oh yeah bruh.
    They been gettin down Enemy Of The State style.
    Their just letting us know

  2. If you really want to know more about the shit our goverment is doing behind close doors go to http://whatreallyhappened.com/. Spread the word blctxt spread the word!

  3. Come on, Marcus. Come on. Industries are always going to try to limit us, but this is too conspiratorial, even for you. I'm telling you, you black folk are getting worse than the Brits in coming up with conspiracy theories. Just do your thing, bro. You'll be good.

  4. [Damn I can't believe I used 'their' instead of 'they're'!!!!!]
    But Chris did you see the new clip?
    That shit don't sound fishy to you?
    There has got to be SOMETHING you DON'T agree with that the government is doing.

  5. Oh, there's tons of shit that the government does I don't agree with. I saw the clip, the fishiest thing about it is the damn horrible video editing/voice over ability by whoever did it. I kind of view it like how I view god: even if they have the ability to see what everybody is doing, it's completely unfeasible as to how they can see everything that's happening at once. Maybe if there's a god, he has some kind of special ability, but the government? Come on, dude. They can't even see the shit happening under their own noses.

    The thought's interesting, and if it happens it should be fought. The conspiracy comes in, and I feel it's ridiculous, when people construe it to the statements like "If this act gets passed [which it prolly is already in effect. You'll know if my blog gets shut down soon.]" You're not being targeted....