The N.W.O Is Coming

The N.W.O. is here.
Our government feeds off of our fear.
If this act gets passed [which it prolly is already in effect. You'll know if my blog gets shut down soon.] then we are screwed with no Vaseline.
Peep the vid.
You be the judge.

-blctxt, needs go read 1984

Spoken Words by Bun B

Wood Wheel by UGK

Bun B:
Pro smoke, pro choke,
Anti-broke, conservative liberal
Left-wing slangin', right-wing hangin'
In criminal court, it's civil.
In the middle of re-al-it-y
Unsolved mys-ter-ies riddle,
Knockin' over fat cats,
And gettin' my thoughts off bits and kibbles.
On note pads I scribble,
Write rippers that'll make you think.
Snap so hard it'll break your synchronicity,
Fuck it, take it, trick,
I fake it...blink 'n poof
We disappearin' into a shroud of dozier
Cloud composures, all-nighters like Folger's
But, bitch, I tried to told ya...

'Conservative Liberal'?!?!!
'Knockin over fat cats and gettin my thoughts off bits and kibbles'?!?!!!?
From one MC to another, Bun KILLED this track.
What possessed him to kick some socio-political rhyme over a song about the wood wheel?
It's like the perfect high to hear him spit that 1st verse.
Nuff said, ?uestlove needs to honor UGK this year at the Hip-Hop Honorees on VH1.
[I know Pimp C, "This ain't no...HIPHOP RECORDS!!! These country rap songs."]
-blctxt, getting back to his Texas roots


Mos Def The Ecstatic Promo

Some of you may already know that Mos is dropping a new album on Downtown/Atlantic Records [home to Gnarls Barkley] this Spring.

The album is titled 'The Ecstatic' and is set to drop to coincide with the 10yr anniversary of the 'Black On Both Sides' album.
Here is the album cover.

This promo is further proof that it WILL happen.
I've been getting leaks since January so please believe that I'll be in line on the Tuesday that it drops.

-blctxt, I want a promo jawn with these type of graphics.


NERD ALERT: Where The Wild Things Are Movie

ONLY Spike Jonze could've done this.
I remember the book as a kid but now I gotta go back and read it.
Maybe I'll buy it for Ianna.
-blctxt, has something to look forward to in the fall [thanks Ms. Hazeley].


Spoken Words by Chuck D

As an MC I focus heavy on making sure my lyrics are on point.
With that being said I bring forth a post that I plan on dropping every so often called,
"Spoken Words"
Now let's talk about my man Chuck D.
I honestly feel like Chuck D's lyrics should be studied in schools.
This cat was nice lyrically but the shit he said made you think while jammin [not an easy task.]
So here I post one of my favorite PE songs:

'Shut'em Down'

I testified
My mama cried
Black people died
When the other man lied
See the TV listen to me double trouble
I overhaul and I'm comin'
From the lower level
I'm takin' tabs
Sho nuff stuff to grab
Like shirts it hurts
Wit a neck to wreck
Took a poll 'cause our soul
Took a toll
From the education
Of a TV station
But look around
Hear go the sound of the wreckin' ball
Boom and Pound
When I
Shut 'em down
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
What I use in the battle for the mind
I hit it hard
Like it supposed
Pullin' no blows to the nose
Like uncle L said I'm rippin' up shows
Then what it is
Only 5 percent of the biz
I'm addin' woes
That's how da way it goes
Then U think I rank never drank, point blank
I own loans
Suckers got me runnin' from the bank
Civil liberty I can't see to pay a fee
I never saw a way to pay a sap
To read the law
Then become a victim of a lawyer
Don't know ya, never saw ya
Tape cued
Gettin' me sued
Playin' games wit' my head
What the judge said put me in the red
Got me thinkin' 'bout a trigger to the lead
No no
My education mind say
Suckers gonna pay
There gonna be a day
'Cause the troop they roll in
To posse up
Whole from the ground
Ready to go
Throw another round
Sick of the ride
It's suicide
For the other side of town
When I find a way to shut 'em down
Who count the money
In da neigborhood
But we spendin' money
To no end lookin' for a friend
In a war to the core
Rippin' up the poor in da stores
Till they get a brother
Kickin' down doors
Then I figure I kick it bigger
Look 'em dead in the eye
And they wince
Defense is pressurized
They don't want it to be
Another racial attack
In disguise so give some money back
I like Nike but wait a minute
The neighborhood supports so put some
Money in it
Corporations owe
Dey gotta give up the dough
To da town
or else
We gotta shut 'em down
-blctxt, got my R.B.G. playlist on ALL DAY.

Let H.E.R. Luv-U

So basically I'm in love with a woman.
No, fuck it, I hate H.E.R.
Well, not really, but you get the picture.
Just listen to my confession of how I feel about H.E.R .
You might know H.E.R.

Download H.E.R. here

Ler H.E.R. Luv-U

-blctxt, gotta catch the slave ship to the plantation


"Stay Up! (Viagra)" ft. Kanye West - 88-Keys

This song has been on repeat in my iPod for a year now.
It's from 88-Keys new 'The Death Of Adam' album.

Kanye first premiered it on his Graduation mixtape, which was crazy by the way.
I've been an 88-Keys fan since he was bangin jawns out for Black Star and Musiq Soulchild.
This video goes perfect for the song.
-blctxt want's to find some 88-Keys beat tapes now...


Speaking Of Zoe Saldana...

Lemmie just express my sentiments on this woman:




AND she's playing NERD ALERT: Lieutenant Uhura in the new Star Trek?!?!?!!!!
I ain't even a Trekkie and I'm going to see this just cuz of her.

blctxt-will definitely get the hush mouth if he comes in contact with this woman.

This Don't Make No DAMN Sense

blctxt-that's alright. When I blow up Imma do a jawn like this with Zoe Saldana and cut it short just to keep y'all mouths watering.


The Thinking Man’s Rapper by Touré

Check out this interview on one of my favorite MC's.

In a rare interview, Touré talks with Black Thought—front man for The Roots and the new house MC of Late Night with Jimmy Fallonabout what Chuck D. taught him about race, why rapping is like jumping rope, and the reasons behind his rhymes.

Black Thought is not just one of the best-named MCs in hip-hop history, he’s one of the best. As the front man of The Roots—Jimmy Fallon’s new house band for his late-night talk show—Black Thought is both a rapper’s rapper and an intellectual’s rapper, who doesn’t brag about the ghetto and never has to say how tough he is. He has a deliciously deep and steely voice, a tremendous rhythmic sensibility, and a pen that delivers furious flurries of rhymes about everything—politics, women, language, whatever. He’s got a personal style that’s as serious as a heart attack—he evinces that there’s-no-smiling-in-hip-hop thing, as if he’s not here to be loved by you, but instead here to slay you with his skill, take your respect, and leave.

Over the years, Black Thought, born Tariq Trotter, has done very few interviews—preferring, he says, to let his rhyming speak for him. But as The Roots will appear every night on Jimmy Fallon, he’s growing a little more amenable. I pulled him aside during a band rehearsal in a rehearsal space in Manhattan one day, found a tiny room, and talked to him about some of the science behind being an MC.

Who are the MCs you most closely studied and learned something from?

Kool G Rap. Big Daddy Kane. Rakim. KRS-One.

What have you learned from them?

From G Rap, I learned not to be pigeon held as regards to my vocabulary. The young Kool G Rap, when he was the cool genius of rap, it was really about the genius part and the fact that his lexicon was crazy.

It doesn’t matter than he might be using words that we, the audience, don’t know.

Shit, I use words that I don’t know but, you know, they just sound dope. G Rap was not just using hip-hop slang and words that everyone knew and not just using big words just for the sake of using them—he would use them in their proper context. G Rap, if he was an instrument, he’d be like a drum, whereas Rakim was like brass, he was more melodic. I’d compare Rakim to a saxophone. But from Rakim I got the melodic influence and just repetition in my patterns. I got more of the subtleties, I saw someone perfectly marrying consciousness with musicality with street credibility and still gangster. And his tone was crazy. He had a very distinct delivery. Sometimes nasal meets guttural.

“I’ve become a functioning cog in the machine called The Roots, but in my youth I was comin’ from a more braggadocious, egotistical perspective.”

Dr. Manhattan Condoms...

No, I won't be using them homies.
I'm afraid they'll give me cancer.

-blctxt, sticks to Magnum Thins.


There I Is...

So here it is, my new-new.
It took a while for me to get it out cuz I'm such a damn perfectionist.
Well that and the fact that I couldn't find a friggin' engineer.
Peace to my producer, King-I-Divine for the beats.
Shots out to Big A from the Embassy Music Board for recording these jawns for me.
Let me know what you think people, there's more where this came from.
Click the photos to download the music.

blctxt, gettin it in mane.



I'm in the studio as I Tweet/blog/text.
New music to drop real, REAL soon peoples.

blctxt-getting it in at the STUUUUUUUUDIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [word to Denny Live]


We Own Your Consciousness

My brother Zephyr posted this earlier on Facebook.

blctxt-getting ready to sue my dog.

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Slow Jam the News

It sucks not having a reliable television source.
Laugh on people, this is the side of the Roots folk don't see enough of.

blctxt, needs to get his arse to a Roots gig.