Gran Torino

So my roommate brings in a DVD of the latest from Clint Eastwood called

'Gran Torino'

Now I am no fan of Clint's so I figured we'd be looking at the glorification of a certain war period with no black soldiers or a western as dry as white turkey meat.
Surprisingly the entire film was quite entertaining.
Clint Eastwood plays a Korean War vet named Walt Kowalski who ironically lives next door to an Asian family.
He can't get a grip around the fact that the world he lives in is no longer.
Walt also spews so many racial slurs that I actually had to look them up; it's quite comedic.
The movie centers it self around how Walt Kowalski has to deal with the new world not accepting his mentality.
Walt then becomes attached to his Asian neighbors through the tutelage of the young Sue Lor played by Ahney Her.

There's also a subplot of sorts that revolves around Sue's brother + his coming of age as a man.

The basically deals with how one generation views another in this day + age.
Check it out, it's a dope film + ol' Dirty Harry even knocks back a few PBR's.

-blctxt, willing to give Clint Eastwood his propers.

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