The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...

I can't say much that hasn't been said about this film; it's awesome.
The only thing is that it's right on the heels of Lord Of The Rings length-wise.
If you don't know the film comes from a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald

who also wrote the Great Gatsby

Now Brad Pitt did his thang as Benjamin Button. I think it's the best role that he's done in his career next to my favorite Tyler Durden.
The way the special effects team made him age was so cool to look at.

You'll notice as you watch the film that not only does Benjamin grow backward, he also has a distinctive perspective on life.

Gotta give propers to Cate Blanchett who played the love interest.

Now I read somewhere that my girl Taraji P. Henson was playing the part of Benjamin Button's mom but I did not know how that would play out until I saw her performance on screen.

The genius of David Fincher (Fight Club) is what brought the epicness of this film together.
From the way he shot it, to the music + the entire cast; this is a piece of dopeness that you don't want to miss.

-blctxt, saw Benjamin Button twice.

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