This is an old poem that I wrote and recorded ages ago.
It's inspired by Betty Davis, a great artist and one of Miles Davis' wives.

Let me know what you think.

-blctxt, getting it in mane


Magnum Thins have arrived.
Haven't tried them yet but I heard that they are OFFICIAL.
-blctxt, must practice making sexytime with young ladies strictly for test purposes.


Crown Jewelz...

Greetings again earthlings.
I'd like to introduce to you a gift from the skies.
You may have seen this man killing the hits on YouTube with his beat videos.
You might have even come across him on a producer/artist forum.
However some of you don't know him, so allow me to introduce dopeness (again) in the flesh:


The K.I.D. has just released a beat tape of his freshest cuts entitled

Get ya life right + download this piece of dopeness.

blctxt, is in awe of the King


I Know I Need to Be My Ass Asleep but...

this was too good to pass up.
It better be good too.

-blctxt, is down with Hi-Kick Girl


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...

I can't say much that hasn't been said about this film; it's awesome.
The only thing is that it's right on the heels of Lord Of The Rings length-wise.
If you don't know the film comes from a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald

who also wrote the Great Gatsby

Now Brad Pitt did his thang as Benjamin Button. I think it's the best role that he's done in his career next to my favorite Tyler Durden.
The way the special effects team made him age was so cool to look at.

You'll notice as you watch the film that not only does Benjamin grow backward, he also has a distinctive perspective on life.

Gotta give propers to Cate Blanchett who played the love interest.

Now I read somewhere that my girl Taraji P. Henson was playing the part of Benjamin Button's mom but I did not know how that would play out until I saw her performance on screen.

The genius of David Fincher (Fight Club) is what brought the epicness of this film together.
From the way he shot it, to the music + the entire cast; this is a piece of dopeness that you don't want to miss.

-blctxt, saw Benjamin Button twice.


Supra Vegas

Hmmm-hmmm good.
-blctxt, needs to step his kick game up.


Gran Torino

So my roommate brings in a DVD of the latest from Clint Eastwood called

'Gran Torino'

Now I am no fan of Clint's so I figured we'd be looking at the glorification of a certain war period with no black soldiers or a western as dry as white turkey meat.
Surprisingly the entire film was quite entertaining.
Clint Eastwood plays a Korean War vet named Walt Kowalski who ironically lives next door to an Asian family.
He can't get a grip around the fact that the world he lives in is no longer.
Walt also spews so many racial slurs that I actually had to look them up; it's quite comedic.
The movie centers it self around how Walt Kowalski has to deal with the new world not accepting his mentality.
Walt then becomes attached to his Asian neighbors through the tutelage of the young Sue Lor played by Ahney Her.

There's also a subplot of sorts that revolves around Sue's brother + his coming of age as a man.

The basically deals with how one generation views another in this day + age.
Check it out, it's a dope film + ol' Dirty Harry even knocks back a few PBR's.

-blctxt, willing to give Clint Eastwood his propers.