Top 10 Artists Of 2009 by Kevin Nottingham

Good news from the internets folks, seems like your boy's hard work is paying off this year.
The good folk over at KevinNottingham.com have placed me in their "Top 10 New/Breakthrough Artists Of 2009" list.
My homeboy from NY, D. Julien made the list as well.
Shots out to my man Justin for the showing love and spreading the word on "Acknowledgment" as well.
All in all it, through the ups and downs, 2009 has been a good year for me personally and professionally.
I would like to thank each and every person who helped me along my road this year as well.
I've still got maad work to do for 2010 and beyond.
So until we meet again folks, have a happy and safe new year.




What up y'all?
I'm back at it again with some newnew doodoo.
This is a jawn I'd like to call "Don't Lose Me" with my main man on the MPC
King I Divine
He's got a newnew beat tape out called "Crown Jewelz Pt. 2" that is straight FIE!

Check it out, click the photo to download it and give us your feedback.



What's good folks?
I'm here to put you up on some new music I've got from a project called

This time I've teamed up with my main man

and he's on all the production to help me bring it to the masses.
I've got some cool features from my fellow ATLiens

Yes, yes, yes-it's a FREE download.
You can download it via the Stricklee Hip Hop site
my Band Camp page
or here at Contxt Clues, to the left.
Speaking of the site, notice any new changes?
You can thank my homie Kym Glass at Chicest Geek for the new design and layout.
Hit me and let me know what you think.





D. Julien-Never Change Freestyle

The homie D. Julien dropped a dope exclusive freestyle today over Jay-Z's classic "Never Change" jawn.
Check'im out as he goes all the way in, I'm sure it's more to come...

D. Julien "Never Change Freestyle"



Dilla Day In The A

What up good peoples?
Earlier today it went down in Atlanta with a tribute to none other than James "J Dilla" Yancey.

The day started out with a Lupus walk, [which was VERY successful], a barbeque along with Dilla's Dream Camp and a slew of dope tribute performances by some ATLiens at the Bench.
Some of the Yancey family was also in attendance as well and I finally got to meet the angel

"Ma Dukes"

Check my Facebook profile for some shots I took at the event but here is some video of my performance:



Woman Disabled by THIS YEARS FLU SHOT (10 days AFTER vaccination )

This is the saddest case I've seen in my research on these faux vaccines. Please pay attention to this and do your own research folks. Don't trust things at face value, this system does NOT have your interest at heart.




That's right folks: we-the United States-are attacking the moon with a missile in a few hours.
The good ol' boys down at NASA don't wanna leave things on the moon be.
Makes me feel like they've been kicking it too hard with the folks over at FEMA.

When news reported of the discovery of ice on the dark side of the moon surfaced I kinda had a feeling something stoopid was gonna go down.

And here you have it: some of the smartest minds in the world, rocket scientists, astronauts, marine biologists, chemists, mathematicians, scientific engineers etc. find some ice on another planet and their answer, their light-bulb, is to send a damn missile to the moon to find water.

Their quest for water is backed by proof of other life forms existing, which is cool with me.
But when was the last time you decided to step on an anthill just to see how many ants there were in it?
Exactly, you didn't.
So tell me why we didn't get to vote on this as a planet?
It's my moon just as it is yours.
Why exactly did we not hear about "Operation: Duck Hunt With The Moon" in the media as much as we heard from Kanye bitching about Beyonce's snub?
I mean I don't know about you guys but, the moon is pretty important to me.
Couldn't something SERIOUSLY go wrong?
*cough/cuing YouTube footage...*


David Banner + 9th Wonder = Something Is Wrong/RIP Derrion Albert

Since the news broke of the young brother Derrion Albert from Chicago last week, people haven't really been discussing the event.

I myself don't watch any news outlets or any television for that matter.
But when I heard the news through Nas' open letter to the young black men of Chicago, I honestly didn't know what to think.
I then find out that there is video footage of the killing [which I will NOT post here. This is not U-fucking-FC. Watching that is some sick shit.] and that made my skin crawl 1000 ways to the sun.
You have to realize what's sick about it is that someone decided to sit back and watch through a camera lens while another human being was being attacked; AND they had the nerve to post it and make it viral. I just did a search on YouTube and I'm somewhat relieved that the footage is taken down; but not over at the Fox website though, oh no. News Corp is too wealthy to care about Derrion's mother's feelings nor do they have respect for him by not posting the footage.
Another reality of the situation is that Darrion's death is only one story that made it out the many deaths that go on in the Southside Chicago [or anywhere for that matter] on a horribly regular basis.
The truth of the matter is that our youth are pawns in a game: no knowledge of self, no culture, no guidance-no love.
I know, I know, there are MANY fucked up things that are going on now where no one has a camera to send it to YouTube; but this is where my emotions got captured today:
A young, innocent black boy's life was taken like an animal by his peers.

*stepping off the soapbox*

Here's a jewel I found:

David Banner + 9th Wonder = Something Is Wrong



Black Spade + BLCTXT Freestyle at Lenny's

Aiight folks so here is some coverage from the Do For Self show what went down at Lenny's on 9.22.09
It's a clip that ends Black Spade's set but during the song he pulls me on stage for an impromptu freestyle over a Dilla Dawg classic

All the footage is by my man One66Soul.com.
Check him out, he's got nice material over there.



Fall Forward Mixtape by Cookinwitgrease.com

The homie Chas over at Cookinwitgrease.com put together this dope ass tape for the start of fall.
Check out me in the mix of some other talented indie artists:

Dream On by DALEcanFLO

A long time ago, I made a mixtape called The Inspiration on a site called Muxtape. Well, Muxtape was forced to change into something completely different, and I never really uploaded a copy of those songs to the site for download. The mix at the time featured my favorite uplifting/inspirational rap songs.

And well it was really good…good enough that I wanted to share those songs with you again, plus a few extras. They’re all some thought provoking, I can listen to this while I do something that requires thought type songs. Pretty soulful, smooth/mellow, and all rather good if I do say so myself.

I also kinda wanted to do something for the official launch of the .com adaptation of Cookin Wit Grease, and as it seems I’m somewhat stable now, I figured I take it back to the chick with the Lexus what it was about from the beginning. Spreading good music and a few laughs to those who visit my site. So download, enjoy, and tell a friend.

Oh yeah and it’s FALL! I’m just tryna set the mood for my favorite season…let’s get get get it.

Download – CWG Presents: FallFoward

Tracklisting after the jump.



Do For Self Mixtape: Gotta Be Karim, Hollyweerd, Black Milk, Black Spade + More

Check out the Do For Self mixtape put together by DJ Trackstar.

This is a pretty dope jawn that mixes the music of the artists on the Do For Self show going down on Tuesday, September 22nd at Lenny's Bar.

More info on the show soon come...


Random Ass Performance shots

These are a couple of performance shots my homie took recently.
I doctored them a bit.

This one is me performing The Special, acoustically w/my man Elliot on drums.



blctxt Rehearsal With Elliot

Check out my guerrilla style rehearsal video.
My homeboy Elliot and I practicing for the EMS Family show at Lenny's Bar this Friday August 28th.
I need to shave...


Ten Things You're Not Supposed to Know about the Swine Flu Vaccine

[Swipe from the good folk over at Natural News...]

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

She was deathly afraid of the flu.
So she asked her doc what she should do.
He jabbed her unseen
With a swine flu vaccine
Blurting, "Darling, I haven't a clue."
- by the Health Ranger

Let's not beat around the bush on this issue: The swine flu vaccines now being prepared for mass injection into infants, children, teens and adults have never been tested and won't be tested before the injections begin. In Europe, where flu vaccines are typically tested on hundreds (or thousands) of people before being unleashed on the masses, the European Medicines Agency is allowing companies to skip the testing process entirely.

And yet, amazingly, people are lining up to take the vaccine, absent any safety testing whatsoever. When the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. announced a swine flu vaccine trial beginning in early August, it was inundated with phone calls and emails from people desperate to play the role of human guinea pigs. The power of fear to herd sheeple into vaccine injections is simply amazing...

Back in Europe, of course, everybody gets to be a guinea pig since no testing will be done on the vaccine at all. Even worse, the European vaccines will be using adjuvants -- chemicals used to multiply the potency of the active ingredients in vaccines.

Notably, there is absolutely no safety data on the use of adjuvants in infants and expectant mothers -- the two groups being most aggressively targeted by the swine flu vaccine pushers. The leads us to the disturbing conclusion that the swine flu vaccine could be a modern medical disaster. It's untested and un-tried. Its ingredients are potentially quite dangerous, and the adjuvants being used in the European vaccines are suspected of causing neurological disorders.

Paralyzed by vaccines
I probably don't need to remind you that in 1976, a failed swine flu vaccine caused irreparable damage to the nervous systems of hundreds of people, paralyzing many. Medical doctors gave the problem a name, of course, to make it sound like they knew what they were talking about: Guillain-Barre syndrome. (Notably, they never called it "Toxic Vaccine Syndrome" because that would be too informative.)

But the fact remains that doctors never knew how the vaccines caused these severe problems, and if the same event played out today, all the doctors and vaccine pushers would undoubtedly deny any link between the vaccines and paralysis altogether. (That's what's happening today with the debate over vaccines and autism: Complete denial.)

In fact, there are a whole lot of things you'll never be told by health authorities about the upcoming swine flu vaccine. For your amusement, I've written down the ten most obvious ones and published them below.

Ten things you're not supposed to know about the swine flu vaccine
(At least, not by anyone in authority...)

#1 - The vaccine production was "rushed" and the vaccine has never been tested on humans. Do you like to play guinea pig for Big Pharma? If so, line up for your swine flu vaccine this fall...

#2 - Swine flu vaccines contain dangerous adjuvants that cause an inflammatory response in the body. This is why they are suspected of causing autism and other neurological disorders.

#3 - The swine flu vaccine could actually increase your risk of death from swine flu by altering (or suppressing) your immune system response. There is zero evidence that even seasonal flu shots offer any meaningful protection for people who take the jabs. Vaccines are the snake oil of modern medicine.

#4 - Doctors still don't know why the 1976 swine flu vaccines paralyzed so many people. And that means they really have no clue whether the upcoming vaccine might cause the same devastating side effects. (And they're not testing it, either...)

#5 - Even if the swine flu vaccine kills you, the drug companies aren't responsible. The U.S. government has granted drug companies complete immunity against vaccine product liability. Thanks to that blanket immunity, drug companies have no incentive to make safe vaccines, because they only get paid based on quantity, not safety (zero liability).

#6 - No swine flu vaccine works as well as vitamin D to protect you from influenza. That's an inconvenient scientific fact that the U.S. government, the FDA and Big Pharma hope the people never realize.

#7 - Even if the swine flu vaccine actually works, mathematically speaking if everyone else around you gets the vaccine, you don't need one! (Because it can't spread through the population you hang with.) So even if you believe in the vaccine, all you need to do is encourage your friends to go get vaccinated...

#8 - Drug companies are making billions of dollars from the production of swine flu vaccines. That money comes out of your pocket -- even if you don't get the jab -- because it's all paid by the taxpayers.

#9 - When people start dying in larger numbers from the swine flu, rest assured that many of them will be the very people who got the swine flu vaccine. Doctors will explain this away with their typical Big Pharma logic: "The number saved is far greater than the number lost." Of course, the number "saved" is entirely fictional... imaginary... and exists only in their own warped heads.

#10 - The swine flu vaccine centers that will crop up all over the world in the coming months aren't completely useless: They will provide an easy way to identify large groups of really stupid people. (Too bad there isn't some sort of blue dye that we could tag 'em with for future reference...)

The lottery, they say, is a tax on people who can't do math. Similarly, flu vaccines are a tax on people who don't understand health.

Don't Inject Me: Swine Flu Vaccine Vid by the Health Ranger

Got that newnew doodoo from my man Michael Adams/The Health Ranger

via NaturalNews.com

Your thoughts and opinions please people...


Quote Of The Day: Reinhold Niebuhr

Gotta thank my man Dom Brady over at Abenghorn.net for this dope quote from Reinhold Niebuhr :

"Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in a lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope. Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone; therefore we are saved by love. Nothing which is true or beautiful or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history; therefore we must be saved by faith."

---Reinhold Niebuhr


blctxt, Al K!ng, Life The Great + Floco Torres are Robot Folk Junkies In Macon


It all goes down as a takeover in Mac Town [Macon, GA] this Saturday, August 22nd at club Envy for $5.

Bran. Ya. Ass.


Eat Curry, No Worries: Curry Fights Alzheimer's

Had to rip this from the good folks over at NaturalNews.com
Very interesting read.
*Orders curry tofu plate*

Eating Curry Fights Dementia

by David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Regular consumption of curry could reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, according to a study conducted by researchers from Duke University and presented at the annual meeting of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

"If you have a good diet and take plenty of exercise, eating curry regularly could help prevent dementia," researcher Murali Doraiswamy said.

Researchers conducted experiments on the effects of curcumin, a biologically active ingredient of the essential curry spice turmeric.

"There is very solid evidence that curcumin binds to plaques, and basic research on animals engineered to produce human amyloid plaques has shown benefits," Doraiswamy said. "You can modify a mouse so that at about 12 months its brain is riddled with plaques. If you feed this rat a curcumin-rich diet, it dissolves these plaques. The same diet prevented younger mice from forming new plaques."

Amyloid plaques and nerve fiber tangles are thought to be among the causative agents of the brain damage that produces the symptoms of dementia.

A clinical trial is currently underway at the University of California-Los Angeles to see if curcumin has the same benefits in human Alzheimer's patients as in mice. According to Doraiswamy, the evidence suggests that human beings would need to eat two to three meals of curry per week to lower their risk of dementia.

Because it would take more than 100 grams of curry powder to get enough curcumin to count as a clinical dose, scientists are exploring the possibility of developing a curcumin pill.

Doraiswamy warned, however, that even consuming massive amounts of curcumin could not compensate for a bad diet and sedentary lifestyle, two of the biggest risk factors for Alzheimer's disease.

Previous research has shown that curcumin also improves the symptoms of cancer and arthritis, and may help suppress the growth of body fat.


Happy Birthday Marcus Garvey!!! August 17th, 1887-1940

I was finna white tee it tonight for Good Music Monday at Lenny's but I gotta rock the Marcus Garvey jawn in honor of his birthday.

Garveyite flow, hard go/man he can start a revolution with the music...



Young Black Male Gets 2yr. Sentence For Rap Song

Sorry y'all, I know it's a rip from another blog [The Daily Beast.com] but it seemed very important to me that I share this with you.
Your thoughts are needed on this one...

Story by
Anita Allen
August 8th, 2009
BS Top - Allen Rapper


Incubus Covers Prince's Let's Go Crazy w/The Roots Crew


Not as bad as I had anticipated.
Hope their new material showcases this kind of heat.

It's a double disc greatest hits package.
Sad thing is, I have all these tunes already.
Damn I used to love Incubus like I loved my first girlfriend.
Yeah, I mad her mixtapes full of Incubus songs-*Nore voice* WHAT?!?!
Love makes you do stupid things.
Don't act like you never dedicated "Stellar" to your significant other.



Silly Mortals Haven't A Clue As To What The Fuck Is Going On...

Bring the MP + the SP Meet Me At The Center Of The Earth, Travel Carefully...

Baby grab the baby, cuz baby, it ain't much time/Momma Earth is tossing and turning and that's a sign...

Nothing But That GOODIE!!!

Do y'all even remember this?
Look deeper at the range of people being interviewed/reported about on the cover.
Al Sharpton?
Marvin Gaye?
Hold on, is this the same XXL hip hop magazine that we know now?
Since there's been talk of a Goodie Mob reunion show out in the A

[more info on that later] I've been bumping this tape of B-Sides and unreleased Goodie Mo all week.

Angelic Wars

It came from the good folk at Cocaine Blunts.
My blog post has no purpose but nostalgia folks.
I really miss the Goodie Mo.B.
I remember how I used to sit by the radio when 97.5 first jumped off [who know bout Chris Lova Lova and Poohn Daddy?] just WAITING to hear Cell Therapy cuz I didn't have the Soul Food alblum.
And the day that Still Standing dropped I bout the absolute LAST copy at Media Play.
This recent nostalgia proves to me that the new generation of kids don't go to the stores to buy albums; it's not an event for them anymore like it was for us.
I know, I know, txt is getting a lil' teary eyed over some old shit but man, the Dungeon Family is part of my genetic make up, not just what built me as an MC.
Anyway, download the tape and enjoy some classic Goodie.
More news on that reuinion gig soon come...

Use that tool between your two shoulders (c) Khujo Goodie


King-I-Divine Presents Flipped: Jodeci Edition

The Kaing has done it again y'all.
This time King-I-Divine brings us an entire beat tape of Jodeci songs in his "Flipped" edition.
No, this isn't the same one two drums with a familar loop so you can say "Oh yeah, I know that song, " these samples are flipped to bring a new sound from an old one.
Below is the video for a song on the tape called "The Addiction"
You can download this tape for $FREE.99 at www.kingidivine.com



Blue Collar Academy Presents: Foreign Exchange Students

This Friday at Lenny's bar it's going down. Blue Collar Academy has put together our most eclectic group of artists for a show we like to call

Here is a list of the wonderful talent ahead:

Young Ivy

Alls I have to say is "Brang ya ASS!!!"
The cover is only $7 and you KNOW how cheap the drinks are at Lennys.
See you there!!!