Universal Mind Control

Man oh man.
C-O double M-O to the N did it again.
Universal Mind Control

is the 8th album that Lonnie Lynn has blessed us with since he 1st stepped on the scene in 1992.
My first Common album I bought was 'One Day It'll All Make Sense'

+ since then I've copped like a junkie.
The thing about this album is that it is what the title suggests: a trip into the future.
The Neptunes were the core producers for the project leaving room for only one producer, ATL's + Dungeon Family's own Mr. DJ.

Mr. DJ produced three tracks [Everywhere, Changes, Make My Day] but they don't fall from the theme of the album.
Standout tracks are Make My Day w/Cee-Lo, Gladiator, Inhale, Changes + [my favorite!] Punch Drunk Love w/Kanye West.
Surprisingly Kanye is only on the hook to the aforementioned track; he's nowhere on the production of the album.
I won't lie, when I heard where Com wanted to go with the theme of the album, I thought 'Electric Circus again? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Com!!!!'
But listening to the whole joint, I digs it.
[I gots love for Electric Circus, but we all agree that Com kinda shocked us with that one there.]
Even through Pharrell + Chad's electro sex trademark production, Com finds room to drop lines like 'I might smoke a blunt/but I won't take an L' or 'the skinny George Foreman/All in yo' grill.'
I just hate that I missed him on the N.E.R.D. concert this Summer [fucking recession!] cuz I have NEVER missed a Common show since 'Like Water for Chocolate.'
Oddly though, we're missing a Pop's Rap but it still works with out hearing ol' Pops drop science on us.
Go cop this shit people.
Keep it up Com.
[best belive I'm going to THIS tour!!!]

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