Late Pass...

So sue me film heads, I'm late; but I must tell the world about another experience I had with the Coen brothers' brilliance.

I never thought I'd laugh at another one of their comedies after O' Brother Where Art Thou, The Big Lebowski + Fargo but this shit here?!?!!!?
CLASSIC dark comedy dopeness.

I gotta give propers to Brad Pitt for playing a role outside of a cool dude/cowboy/playboy/spy/same-character-in-every-movie.
Chad Fledheimer's stupidity is the best part of the whole movie. He's such a douche bag that you actually hate him.

George Clooney does his thug thizzle as well. Harry Pfarrer is another douche bag who just KNOWS that his life is in control + that his playboy mantra is all that the world can get from him. Boy does HE get a surprise.

The cast is what make the story come alive. All while watching you just can't believe how dumb these cats are. Of course the plot comes full circle as most of the Coen brothers dark comedies do. All together this is just some funny shit. Can't say anything that hasn't been said since I'm late on the joint-blctxt

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  1. I just watched it bro, yeah I guess im late on it myself but definitely worth it!