If Ya Don't Know, Now Ya Know...

What it be people?
I bring to you a segment I've been brainstorming on called,
'If Ya' Don't Know, Now Ya Know.'
Here I will introduce musicians, artists, artwork, photography, sculpture, textile-anything that I want to put you guys up on or something I just got put on to.
Today I take the time out to introduce to you his excellence,

Free Phareal
Free is a local R+B/soul singer/emcee who has been banging out jawns for years now. As of recently he has gained YouTube fame with his song

An ode to, well, you know.

Now Roll + Ride isn't all Free is about, in fact it was just a chip off of Free's dopeness iceberg.
Check out the classic jawn

Currently, Free is grinding in the lab + on the scene in ATL so that he becomes a household name in the 09.
His yet-to-be-titled album is sure to leave a mark on all who are searching for something different + authentic.
Free Phareal is everywhere but here are few places to catch'im:
When he gets more material I'll be sure to post it.
So get with it folks, I just put you on to extreme dopeness on so many levels-blctxt

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