My Old Flame...

I ain't seen you in a while.
You done got THICK.
Skin looking all golden brown 'n thangs.
Still easy to please?
Like things real simple huh?
You know I'm single now, so we can get down whenever you like.
Oh you want it right here?
In the middle of the Farmers Market?
Girl you crazy....
fuck it-I'm down.

Can we do it again?

-txt, officially sprung (again) off the Veggie Samosa from Dekalb Farmer's Market


Why didn't I know my boys Bloc Party had a new LP out his year?!!!
DAMN I feel so lame.
Late pass please....

Red Clay in the First Light [R.I.P. Freddie Hubbard 1938-2008]

Last night at around 12 I find out from my main man Dash that the legendary jazz musician Freddie D. Hubbard passed away due to complications from a prior heart attack in November.
The news hit me like a Mack truck cuz I was JUST about to find my one + only Freddie Hubbard album so I can get some ideas from his incredible energy.
I think I was about 17 when I got into Freddie, but of course it was Tribe's sample of Red Clay

for 'Sucka Nigga' from their Midnight Maruders album that put me on with out even knowing I was on.
His trumpet playing + compositions as a bandleader were just dope to me.
It's almost like he danced on the the fine lines between funk, jamming + jazz, made a big burrito out of it for all of us to share.
Since I'm not a Jazz historian, I can't give you explicit detail of the man's work.
What I can tell you is that First Light made me stand still the entire time when I first heard it.

Now don't get me STARTED on Sky Dive!!!

Straight up, Freddie Hubbard was a double O.G.; an original genius + an original gangster.
No cloning here folks.
R.I.P. Freddie.


If Ya Don't Know, Now Ya Know...

What it be people?
I bring to you a segment I've been brainstorming on called,
'If Ya' Don't Know, Now Ya Know.'
Here I will introduce musicians, artists, artwork, photography, sculpture, textile-anything that I want to put you guys up on or something I just got put on to.
Today I take the time out to introduce to you his excellence,

Free Phareal
Free is a local R+B/soul singer/emcee who has been banging out jawns for years now. As of recently he has gained YouTube fame with his song

An ode to, well, you know.

Now Roll + Ride isn't all Free is about, in fact it was just a chip off of Free's dopeness iceberg.
Check out the classic jawn

Currently, Free is grinding in the lab + on the scene in ATL so that he becomes a household name in the 09.
His yet-to-be-titled album is sure to leave a mark on all who are searching for something different + authentic.
Free Phareal is everywhere but here are few places to catch'im:
When he gets more material I'll be sure to post it.
So get with it folks, I just put you on to extreme dopeness on so many levels-blctxt


Down + Durty was REDICULOUS!!!

I told y'all to brang yo ass.
Big Chad Famous ripped it + so did the Sofa Kaing.
My mans + them Los + Free Phareal stopped through.
Flyy Academy was nice too.

All in all, great night....until I got drunk, pulled a Seinfeld+ pissed on the wall.
My bad to the whole staff at Lennys + the people who own the lofts across the street from Lennys.
I really do apologize but Pabst + Red Stripe go right through me.

-blctxt, goes better drunk.

I Think I'm In Love...Again.

I love you.
Did you know that?
You make me feel so...good.
When I'm having a bad day, or even when my day is good, you make it all better.
All my friends told me you were awesome, but I never believed them.
Now I'm a believer.
When Friday comes around I can't wait to put my hands on you.
It's only been 2weeks since we met but already, I'm in love.
This has got to be the real thing.
I like you cuz you're down to Earth.
I don't care what my family thinks of you, to me, you're the best thing ever.

Will you marry me?

-blctxt, officialy SPRUNG.


Brang Yo ASS!!!!

Tonight at Lennys bar is my folk

Ladies FREE before 12AM.
$5 cover all night.
What's fucking with that?
Brang yo' ASS.

Late Pass...

So sue me film heads, I'm late; but I must tell the world about another experience I had with the Coen brothers' brilliance.

I never thought I'd laugh at another one of their comedies after O' Brother Where Art Thou, The Big Lebowski + Fargo but this shit here?!?!!!?
CLASSIC dark comedy dopeness.

I gotta give propers to Brad Pitt for playing a role outside of a cool dude/cowboy/playboy/spy/same-character-in-every-movie.
Chad Fledheimer's stupidity is the best part of the whole movie. He's such a douche bag that you actually hate him.

George Clooney does his thug thizzle as well. Harry Pfarrer is another douche bag who just KNOWS that his life is in control + that his playboy mantra is all that the world can get from him. Boy does HE get a surprise.

The cast is what make the story come alive. All while watching you just can't believe how dumb these cats are. Of course the plot comes full circle as most of the Coen brothers dark comedies do. All together this is just some funny shit. Can't say anything that hasn't been said since I'm late on the joint-blctxt


Universal Mind Control

Man oh man.
C-O double M-O to the N did it again.
Universal Mind Control

is the 8th album that Lonnie Lynn has blessed us with since he 1st stepped on the scene in 1992.
My first Common album I bought was 'One Day It'll All Make Sense'

+ since then I've copped like a junkie.
The thing about this album is that it is what the title suggests: a trip into the future.
The Neptunes were the core producers for the project leaving room for only one producer, ATL's + Dungeon Family's own Mr. DJ.

Mr. DJ produced three tracks [Everywhere, Changes, Make My Day] but they don't fall from the theme of the album.
Standout tracks are Make My Day w/Cee-Lo, Gladiator, Inhale, Changes + [my favorite!] Punch Drunk Love w/Kanye West.
Surprisingly Kanye is only on the hook to the aforementioned track; he's nowhere on the production of the album.
I won't lie, when I heard where Com wanted to go with the theme of the album, I thought 'Electric Circus again? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Com!!!!'
But listening to the whole joint, I digs it.
[I gots love for Electric Circus, but we all agree that Com kinda shocked us with that one there.]
Even through Pharrell + Chad's electro sex trademark production, Com finds room to drop lines like 'I might smoke a blunt/but I won't take an L' or 'the skinny George Foreman/All in yo' grill.'
I just hate that I missed him on the N.E.R.D. concert this Summer [fucking recession!] cuz I have NEVER missed a Common show since 'Like Water for Chocolate.'
Oddly though, we're missing a Pop's Rap but it still works with out hearing ol' Pops drop science on us.
Go cop this shit people.
Keep it up Com.
[best belive I'm going to THIS tour!!!]


Because I'm a nerd...


This is what we waited for after X-Men 2.
This is the REAL X-Men 3.
This will get my last dollar, FA SHO'!!!
[I just don't know what the hell Will.I.Am is doing in the movie though]

Can't You See

Greetings Earthlings, my name is blctxt.

Since this is my first blog I wanna hit you to one of my jawns I recorded earlier this summer.
It's called 'Can't You See' + it will be on the forthcoming Dilla's 9th Wonders mixtape with my brother Free Phareal next year.
Click the link + let me know what you think.

Can't You See [J Dilla + blctxt]